Chandelier Installation Calgary

Chandelier installation and removal service Calgary

A knowledgable and experienced chandelier installer will handle any shape, size, or weight, 

No matter the room size, height, or situation, we can handle it.

We install all types and sizes of chandeliers, pendants, and other light fixtures

High-quality equipment ensure a safe installation

Large rooms
Limited space

By a journeyman electrician with special equipment / scaffolding / extension planks 

Specialist in high ceilings chandelier, ceiling fan and light fixture installation

House with high ceilings?  Two-story foyer? Over the stairs? Leave your chandelier installation to the professionals. 

Be sure to hire an electrician with special equipment (tall ladders and/or scaffolding) to get up high safely.

Our knowledge and service experience allow us to provide you with the highest quality.

Safe and secure chandelier installation

High ceilings light and ceiling fan installation calgary

Scaffolding , ladders, extension planks, and harnesses are a must for safe installation. 

Be safe in your home. Installing a chandelier is a tricky and risky job due to the dangerous nature of installing on a high ceiling. We take safety very seriously.

For a safe chandelier installation, it is important to have the right tools, equipment, and experience to properly handle the installation process.

Installation fees

Regular installation includes scaffold assembly, disassembly and 1 hour installation (remove existing light and assemble / install new one) 

$400 + GST

Typically takes 3 to 4 hours in total

Scaffold assembly

Installation *

Remove and install new light fixture

( 1 hour included )

Scaffold disassembly

*For light fixtures that require more than 1 hour to assemble or install, add $50 for each additional hour

Prices are for residential services, up to 18 foot ceilings

Chandelier ceiling reinforcement service

For heavy chandeliers

If you are installing a heavy chandelier, you should reinforce your ceiling electrical box to the joist by adding a 2x4 or 2x6 to the wood structure with weather screws. 

In most cases, this work is performed in the attic, requiring an experienced professional able to maneuver in these tight spaces. 

A fibreglass insulation respirator mask is also needed to protect against inhaling insulation, mold, or dust that can be floating in the air.

We will also seal the poly (vapour barrier) to keep your attic dry.

As well, it is always a good idea to secure the light fixture to the joist with a Galvanized Aircraft Cable and the right wood anchor.

New electrical ceiling light box

Installing a chandelier in an area with no existing light fixture or chandelier

If you don't already have an electrical box in the ceiling for your chandelier, we can run electrical wires through walls and ceilings (attic) and install a new light switch.

We ensure the new location of your chandelier is symmetrical to the room.

Chandelier removal and relocation

Moving service

Are you are moving from your home, apartment, or business and need to have your chandelier moved and reinstalled?

Our professionals will uninstall your chandelier, pack it for moving, and reinstall it in its new spot.

Light bulb replacement service

Residential services

Looking for a handyman to change a light bulb? We can help to replace old incandescent or burn out light bulbs with new LED light bulbs

How to choose the right chandelier for your room

Points to consider:

How big is the chandelier? 

What are the dimensions of the room? 

What is your ceiling height?

Compare the size of the room to the size of the chandelier. 

You don't want the chandelier to be too large or too small.

Make sure the chandelier will hang low enough to light effectively but not so low that it could be a problem or hazard.

Check our Residential electrical page for more information about installing wall sconces and pot lights or recessed lights on regular height ceilings.

Licensed & insured professional chandelier installation by Journeyman Electrician 

We offer expert chandelier installation services in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. By Journeyman Electrician. Specialist in high ceilings; safe and secure installation, scaffold available.

If you have any questions, please contact us today (403-479-4243). We will gladly answer any questions or you may have about your chandelier.

Electrical Fixture Installation for High Ceilings in Calgary

 Light fixtures or ceiling fans to be installed on a ceiling from 16′ to 20’ high