Ceiling fan installation

Ceiling fan installation service

Professional ceiling fan installation servicing Calgary

Installations by experienced journeyman electrician. We provide expert installation for all types of ceiling fans, from basic models to high-end, custom designs. We will ensure your fan is installed safely, correctly, and to your satisfaction. 

Scaffolding available for high ceiling fan installations.

✦  Secure installation

The CEC requires electrical boxes be securely fastened to the building structure and rated for the weight of the fixture. 

✦  Ceiling high

Ceiling fan blades should be at least 2.1 meters (7 feet) above the floor or any other walking surface.

✦  Vapour barrier

We will also seal the poly (vapour barrier) to avoid condensation to keep your attic dry.

Choosing the right ceiling fan size

The right fan for your space depends on the size of your room

Direction of fan blades in summer




Direction of fan blades in winter






Do i need to change the electrical box to install the ceiling fan?

It's important to make sure that the electrical box that supports your ceiling fan is rated to handle the weight and motion of the fan. 

If your current electrical box isn't rated for a ceiling fan, it will need to be replaced with a fan-rated box - approved for fan support.

Fan-rated boxes

Ceiling-mounted luminaire boxes and fan boxes have different purposes and requirements under the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). 


Luminaire boxes

Luminaire boxes metal or plastic rough-in boxes support light fixtures and are usually smaller and less sturdy than fan boxes. 



Fan rated boxes

Fan-rated boxes are specifically designed and rated to handle the weight and movement of a ceiling fan, providing additional safety and stability. Moreover, the magnitude of that downward force increases with blade length.

Maximum load capacity: 70 Lb. (31.7 Kg)

Approved for fan support.

Maximum load capacity: 35 Lb. (15.6 Kg)

Approved for fan support.

Fan types: Flush mount, Down-rod mount, Angle mount


Can I change the direction of the rotation of the fan blades?

Yes, most ceiling fans have a switch or pull-string located on the motor housing that allows you to change the direction of the rotation.

Can you install fans on high ceiling?

Yes, we specialize in high ceilings (fans and light fixtures). We come with our own professional quality scaffolding.

How do I prepare for ceiling fan installer?

To prepare for ceiling fan installation, it's important to clear a space and ensure that the fan is accessible. 

Ceiling fan installation rates

Installation service $150 

Replace electrical box $60