Residential network


Residential network cabling wiring services 

Residential internet wiring

Running ethernet wires / cables  behind the walls and ceilings

Data cables pulling service

Finished or unfinished walls

Occupied or new buildings

Home network installation Calgary

Data cabling and wiring - network installation, servicing Calgary

We specialize in finished home retrofits. 

Cat5e - Cat6 - Cat6a - Cat7 ethernet cable installers for your office or home network 

 New Ethernet cabling

We specialize in finished homes retrofit

Home networking upgrade with stable/reliable internet connection

Fixed price: 

$300 per drop/outlet; includes labour and materials (max 80 ft per drop of CAT6 cable)


Hourly rate:

 $150 for the first hour and $80 each additional hour + $30 for materials per drop + GST

Ideal home network setup

Modem BASEMENT - incoming signal from your service provider; typically located in the furnace room

Wi-Fi router MAIN LEVEL - place the router in a central location of your home for better Wi-Fi signal

Switch BASEMENT - if you want  hard-wired jacks around your house, you need a Ethernet switch in the furnace room

Gigabit  Ethernet network switches available

5 port switch / splitter $35

Ethernet splitter, plug-and-play, traffic optimization, unmanaged

8 port switch / splitter $40

Ethernet splitter, plug-and-play, traffic optimization, unmanaged

Terminate / finish Ethernet network cables at home

In most newer houses, CAT5 / CAT6 ethernet cables are usually pre-wired by the builder but, in most cases, not terminated at the ends or labeled in the furnace room (by the electrical panel)

Terminated network cable ends

Get your home network up and running - just tell us how many rooms you need connected

(for Ethernet cables bundled together in the furnace room)

With our tools we can:



Label &

Test each cable

Starting price $160 + GST

(from 1 to 4 cable ends)

Additional Ethernet switch, wall plates, and jacks maybe needed

Terminated network cable ends

 + patch panel

Finish Ethernet cable ends in your furnace room at home with an expandable and customizable patch panel

Up to5ethernet cables

Economical package includes:

One unit mounting rack (standard  19")

Expandable and customizable patch panel  for network or multimedia 

(24 ports - ideal if you want the option to expand your system or upgrade your rack in the futures)

Five  CAT6 keystone modules / inserts

Terminate 5 Ethernet cables in your furnace / utility / service room

Test all 5 Ethernet cables in full

Label for quick reference

Price $270 + GST

Additional patch cables may be needed

One unit mounting rack 
Expandable & customizable patch panel 

We take care not to damage your walls

We take the extra time needed to avoid damaging your finishings so you won’t be left with holes in your drywall or ceilings that need repair

This is an important detail - always confirm in advance with your contractor what’s included in the work so you are not left with a surprise later!

We use only certified solid / bare copper ethernet cables for all installations

Network cable installation
Network cable installer in Calgary

Quality Ethernet cables

Look for these certifications

(CSA) Canadian Standards Association

(UL) Underwriters Laboratories

(ETL) Electrical Testing Labs

Ethernet cables on the market

Difference of copper clad aluminum and solid copper wire

 Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) - has higher attenuation than pure copper cables. CCA cables result in more loss of data (data have to be re-transmitted). The longer the CCA cable, the lower the performance. CCA cables also have 55% higher DC resistance, which increases the amount of energy transferred into heat and reduces the amount of power that can be transferred.

CCA cables are not recommended for Power over Ethernet (PoE). Due to the lower tensile strength, CCA cables can be damaged when pulled; single conductors can also break, making the cables useless. For more information, Google "copper clad aluminum").

For household usage (Cat6 or Cat5e would be enough in general purpose)

Cat5e is up to 1 Gbps for 100Mhz with 100 metre maximum length

Cat6 is up to 1 Gbps for 250Mhz with 100 metre maximum length (10Gbps, maximum 55 metres)

Cat6a is up to 10 Gbps for 500Mhz with 100 metre maximum length

Cat7 cable has a transmission frequency of at least 600 MHz (without a repeater, maximum length is 100 metres)


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