High-rise condos, apartments

Standard installations on drywall flat walls

Professional TV installation servicing Calgary

One of the most important reasons to hire a professional TV mounting service is to ensure proper installation.

A professional TV installer has the experience and expertise to install your TV correctly, including securing it to the wall, connecting it to your cable or satellite service, and configuring your audio and video settings.

TV installations on flat drywall walls 

High-rise buildings, condos, apartments

TV mounting services on metal studs

Where metal studs are often used in construction. These types of buildings often have strict rules and regulations when it comes to installing TVs. Mounting a TV on metal studs can be a bit more challenging than on wooden studs, but it can be done with the right tools and techniques.

Installation $150 +GST

TV mounts

Full motion



Power outlet behind TV

Up to code

Add a power outlet behind your TV

Serviced by certified Journeyman Electrician

Power outlet immediately below the TV $250*

*Add $40 for every stud over

Installations on flat drywall walls with metal studs

 Power outlet -120 Volts AC

Metallic - Jacket

Cable  management

For all your Audio / video cables





Recessed wall plate

Fish cables inside the wall

Install 2 recessed cable plates on drywall walls (low voltage white cover), one behind the TV and the other down below the wall. 

Conduit retrofit

Install 1 1/4" conduit on finished walls

Conduit retrofitting in finished walls can be a bit challenging, but it is still possible.

+ Install 2 recessed plates on drywall walls, one behind the TV and the other down below the wall. 

Plastic cable cover

Run cables on wall surface

Wire channel (Wiremold)

Media box

Hide all components behind the your TV

Ideal when you want to free up floor space or when there is no room for cabinet, console, TV stand.

Sound bar installation service

Ready for better sound

Connect your TV audio to external speakers

If you're looking to install a soundbar, we can mount it either above or below your TV to create a cinematic experience in your home. We can also install additional speakers for a surround sound experience.