Pot light installations

Pot light installation

Upgrade your lighting

Installation service up to code



New construction

Electrician wiring ceiling pot lights

Pot lights installation

Pot light installation, replacement on existing ceilings, new construction, renovations

Pot light installation service in Calgary, AB by journeyman electrician❗

Recessed lighting installation, specialist in finished ceilings, code compliant, fishing cables between floors, attic, new switch


In process


Specialist in finished ceilings and retrofits

Safe drill through trusses (never drill blind)

Inspection camera available


Recessed pot light installation calgary

Safe drilling through joist 

We always use an inspection camera before drilling through joists

Installing pot lights in a finished ceilings comes with some risk when fishing cables across wooden joists - here is when expertise and experience are most needed to avoid damage and unnecessary expenses and delays

We are able to spot:

⚠️ Water lines

⚠️ Electrical cables

⚠️ Gas lines

⚠️ Drain pipes

⚠️ Heating ducts

Plan ahead

Assess the structure

Scan the ceiling structure and find joist direction, cable routing, and switching

Design the layout 

Lay out the ceiling to have a better idea of how your pot lights will look

Start the work

Before starting to drill, we protect your floor and furniture

Recessed pot light installation calgary

Pot light installation on finished ceilings

 Installations between floor joists 

Main floor and/or basement fish cables

Installing pot lights in a finished ceilings need to accommodate electrical cables form light to light and have to be run through floor joist either wood joist and/or i-joist(engineered joist)

Installations below trusses or rafters 

Second and/or upper floor below attic space

Installing pot lights in a finished ceilings need to fish electrical cables in the attic and needs to deal with insulation is recommended to wear mask and eyes protection, in this case pot lights need to be rated IC (insulation contact) also be rated for damp locations with a gasket around the pot light to prevent the moisture leak

Others pot lights installers

 Cut drywall strip

With us 

1/4" hole for inspection camera

Light switch wiring on finished ceilings

Rooms without  wiring

Add a new light switch in a existing finished ceilings

Installing pot lights without drywall damage on walls and ceilings is possible depends the structure of the ceiling, walls and adjacent rooms to run a new cable from the wall switch to the ceiling without cutting access holes

Rooms with existing wiring 

Reroute  the cable 

Sometimes is not easy to reroute cables because the wire is stapled to the joist

Refresh your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or any room of your home

Benefits of pot lights

Modernize your home

Add a functionality, clean and stylish look. Go to any decor

Open up the space look bigger and the ceilings higher because doesn't  take much space compared to surface mounted fixtures

It can increase the amount of light in a room

Increase your home value and make more desirable to buyers

Highlight artwork of other features

Ideal for low ceilings

Pot light dimmers reduce energy consumption

For DIYs

Installer tips

Make a few holes as possible to reduce risk 

Never drill trusses without knowing what is behind 

All  junction boxes must be accessible, never buried inside the drywall

LED pot light installation price calgary

Pot lights

4" LED from $100 each, includes light and installation. (same room)

For ceilings with existing switch

Color select: warm white (2700K), cool white (4000K), daylight (5000K)


IC rated (insulation contact)

13 W (65 W) Brightness (lumens): 750

Indoor and outdoor (damp and dry outdoor locations)

CUL certified 


ENERGY STAR® certified

New light switch wiring

Add new wall switch (standard decora) $150

No ceiling light? No switch?

We can add a new wall switch to control the lights

Add new wall switch $150 (standard decora switch)

Add dimmer $60

WIFI dimmer switch available

Reviews related to pot light installation 

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Amneet Kaur

5 reviews·1 photo

a week agoNEW

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value


I had ranzo came in and install my pod lights tv . I had no light in living room so it took him sometime to get it finish. He was so patient. His work was neat and clean. He didn’t cut any dry wall in the living only in closet which is not visible and he covered it completely so you cant see its visible. He also installed brand new switch for me.. i wound really recommend him. Really happy with his services..

Services: Relocate outlets or switches, Mount TV, Repair drywall, Install outlets or switches

Megan Ash

2 reviews·1 photo

5 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality


Renzo came by to remove a big chandelier that was very difficult to get down and to install a pot light in it’s place. He made it known that he usually does not deal in these kinds of take downs and repairs but did a wonderful job nevertheless! I would definitely recommend him to friends and family.

abbas siraj

1 review·2 photos

a year ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value


Renzo did a amazing job . I had been look to get more ceiling lights for my living room for quite some time now found Renzo contact info online called him and he was here same day for a free quote he explained everything in detail regarding what needs to be done. After I purchased the lights he was there next day for the installation and I was very satisfied with his work. He is friendly and very professional at his work. Will be calling him again soon for my backyard lighting. Highly recommended!!!