Installations on drywall and other surfaces

TV Installation services on  fireplaces

We specialize in complex TV installations

Installing a TV on a fireplace is a popular choice for many homeowners, as it provides a stylish and practical solution for entertainment. However, the process of installing a TV on a fireplace can be tricky, especially if the fireplace has tiles or bricks, It's worth noting that aside from installing the TV mount, it's also possible to install an electrical outlet and HDMI cables for a more seamless and organized setup.

Standard TV installation service $240 +GST

Porcelain, travertine, marble, concrete, ceramic, stone, quartz, brick.

Laser level TV installations


A laser level is a tool that projects a beam of light onto a surface, providing a reference line to align the TV mounting holes, ensuring a precise and professional installation to achieve the best results.

Inspection camera


Specialized tools like inspection cameras can help see behind walls, locate the studs and ensure that the TV is mounted in a secure and safe manner. They can also help identify any hidden wiring, pipes, or other obstacles that may be present behind the wall, which could impact the installation process. In such cases, the installation service will need to work closely with the homeowner to come up with a safe and effective solution.

Dustless grinding vacuum


When installing a TV on a fireplace, it's often necessary to make a cut or opening in the tiles to accommodate the power outlet. This can create a lot of dust and debris, which can be a hassle to clean up. However, with the help of a dustless grinder and vacuum, the installation process can be made much easier and cleaner.

Fireplaces are built different


All fireplaces are build different you never know how was build until you start working, in some older houses, the fireplace may not have studs behind the surface, which can make the installation more challenging. In these cases, the installation service may need to use different mounting techniques

Installations in all surfaces


Installing a TV on different types of surfaces can present unique challenges, such as finding the right drill bit or choosing appropriate screws and anchors. By hiring a professional, you can ensure that the TV is securely mounted on any surface, whether it's porcelain, travertine, marble, concrete, ceramic, stone, quartz, or brick.

Hassle-free installation


Installing a TV can be a time-consuming and complicated task, particularly if you lack experience with the process. However, hiring a professional TV installer can help you save time and eliminate the hassle of attempting the installation yourself.

Laser level

Dustless grinding

Inspection camera

New power outlet

4 Essential Components for a Stylish TV Installation 

① Installation service

② TV mount

③ Power outlet 

④ Cable concealing 

TV mounting on drywall fireplaces

TV mounting challenges


When mounting a TV on a drywall fireplace, finding the studs behind the surface is crucial to ensure a secure installation In situations where the studs are not located symmetrically behind the drywall, finding the right position for the TV mount can be more difficult. Additionally, if the builder has installed backing behind the drywall (thicker Material), stud finders may not be as accurate

In such cases, it's important to hire a professional TV installer who has experience working with different types of fireplaces and can navigate these challenges. They can use specialized tools like stud finders and explore the surface to locate the studs or backing and ensure the TV mount is securely attached to the structure.

For drywall fireplaces $120 + GST

"Our professional TV installer will locate your studs and use a diamond bit to perforate the material flat or uneven surfaces and fit your TV perfectly"

Laser level TV installations

Inspection camera available

Dustless grinding for power outlet

"TV wall mount installation on fireplaces and feature walls made of tiles, stone, marble, quartz, etc. require more time for planning and installation." 

TV wall mounts 

We carry assorted mounts for all TV sizes

We can also install your own TV mount 

Full motion



Power outlet behind TV

Up to code

Add a power outlet behind your TV

Serviced by certified Journeyman Electrician

Installations on all types of fireplaces

 Power outlet -120 Volts AC

Non-Metallic Jacket

Cable - wire concealing





Hide cables inside the wall

For your Audio / video cables

Hide AV cables (e.g., HDMI, COAX, Ethernet) (grinder to cut out outlet)

e.g. A/V cables, HDMI, COAX, Ethernet cables

  Power cord or extension cord

Conduit retrofit

For your Audio / video cables

Install a conduit inside the fireplace (from behind the TV to right/left side of fireplace) . Also install 2 recessed plates. Conduit retrofitting in finished walls can be a bit challenging, but it is still possible

e.g. A/V cables, HDMI, COAX, Ethernet cables

  Power cord or extension cord

Run cables on wall surface

Wiremold wire channel. Add or extend audio/video cable and power cord cables

e.g. A/V cables, HDMI, COAX, Ethernet cables

  Power cord or extension cord

Sound bar installation service

Ready for better sound

Connect your TV audio to external speakers

If you're looking to install a soundbar, we can mount it either above or below your TV to create a cinematic experience in your home. We can also install additional speakers for a surround sound experience.

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