Commercial installations

Commercial TV installations

Commercial TV mounting service Calgary.

TV installation for business, serviced by a Journeyman Electrician. Also help with other audio video installations, whiteboard, smartboard installation, TV projectors, cable management, new cable runs.

Commercial TV installations for office space, business, bars, restaurants, medical offices, stores, hotels.

Laser level TV installations

Inspection camera available

Heavy duty anchors

4 anchors per installation (load support 425 lbs per anchor)

Heavy duty anchors designed to work with metal studs

Provide a secure and stable mounting surface for your TV. A skilled installer will secure your TV mount to the wall with special heavy-duty snap toggle bolts (far better than wing anchors, toggle bolts, or metal screws). to secure your TV mount to the wall. 

Installation service $150 +GST

Load guidelines

Top line tools

Office business, lounge, meeting-room, boardroom, conference room

Smart boards

TV installations


TV projector


Ethernet cabling

logitech rally plus
logitech rally
logitecth rally calgary

Video conferencing system 

Logitech Rally Plus installation service Calgary, AB.

Reliable and professional service to install your Logitech Rally Plus wiring and mounting video conferencing system in your office or business? 

We can help you wiring and hiding the cables.

Logitech Rally Plus

Audio visual installation services.

Behind the TV

Bars, restaurants stores

Standard TV mounts 

Full motion



In-line TV mounts 

(with  fine adjustments)

Cable management service