Add a power outlet behind your TV


Up to code, installations by a Journeyman Electrician

Adding an outlet on finished wall

TV outlet installation by a Journeyman electrician

By hiring a journeyman electrician to install your power outlet, you can rest assured that the work will be done correctly and to the highest standards.

No more messy wires and cables hanging down of your TV

Options available

Standard wall socket

Decora electric receptacle

Recessed duplex receptacle

Recessed media box

How tamper resistant outlets work

Tamper-resistant receptacles feature a shutter mechanisms that are spring-loaded to block the slots of the receptacles, thus preventing the insertion of foreign objects, such as fingers, paper clips, toys and keys.

Upgrade your charging experience

Replace your standard outlet with a USB outlet today!

Are you tired of constantly searching for an available outlet to charge your electronic devices? you don't need a bulky adapter anymore.

Cable - wire types

Armored cable (AC)

Metal studs

Also called metallic sheathed cable, armored cable (AC), or BX cable.

Mostly used in commercial, high rise buildings and some residential situations when cable is exposed, e.g., furnace, electrical panel outlet, inside cabinets.

Non metallic dry cable (NMD90)

Wooden studs

NMD90 stands for non-metallic, dry location, 90 degree Celsius rated, also called Romex.

Commonly used in residential and multifamily buildings with wooden studs.

Up to code

Add a power outlet behind your TV

 Power outlet -120 Volts AC

Do you know ?

It's against Electrical code to run power cords inside walls !

"Flexible cord and cord sets shall not be used as substitute for the fixed wiring of structures and shall not be (ii) run through holes in walls, ceilings or floors"

Canadian Electrical code 

🚫 Examples of what NOT to do

🚫 Be aware Fire Hazard 

Electrician vs. DIY installation / handyman

Knowledge and expertise to handle electrical work

If you want to add a new electrical outlet is better to hire an electrician, because they are trained to handle electrical work safely, ensure code compliance and can provide quality workmanship protecting you from liabilities.