Dustless tile & thinset removal

Tile removal is a back-breaking job. It can be very dirty and hazardous for your health if not is properly safe, clean, efficient and effective way done

Dust control tile removal is the cleanest and healthiest option for your home and family

Tile removal and the underlayment of thinset will release large amounts of crystalline silica particles into the air space during demolition process

Exposure to inhalable crystalline silica particles can cause such health problems as lung cancer, silicosis, allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions

Also dust can damage your electronics, duct system, furniture, carpet, window coverings, etc which then adds additional cleaning costs

Dust free diamond grinding service 

Tile removal contractor in Calgary. Alberta.

Diamond grinding with dust control for subfloors and concrete floors

This is not a new sub floor., This is a floor after is been resurfacing

Trap the dust before is airborne 

The grinding process for thinset mortar removal is the one that releases most particles. 

The best way is catching the dust at the origin from the tile removal and grinding process, trap the dust before is on the air 

All power tools have a dedicate dust collection attachment to the vacuum

(Two-Stage dust collection vacuum system)

1- Separator 

The cyclone-dust separator uses the principle of industrial centrifugal separation

Separates the material before it hits the vacuum, keeping filters cleaner for longer.

2- Pre-filter (Self-Cleaning filter bag) 

Act / serves as a pre-filter, helping capture particles, while preventing dust from caking/ clogging inside the bag ensuring optimal efficiency

3- Filter (Fine dust filter)

3-layer pleated filter that captures fine particles such as best for cement dust, drywall dust, saw dust, dirt, cold ashes, and fine powders. 

Where is the dust?

Tile removal

Surface after tile is been removed

Surface after diamond grinding