Electric fireplace installation and feature walls

Electric fireplace installation, feature walls, and TV installations

Add style and warmth to your living space with an affordable, custom-built fireplace

More than a handyman , custom  tile fireplace surround installation services or with your preferred finishing material

Electric fireplace installer Calgary

Fireplace build from scratch

Calgary electric fireplace installation

Wall frame build and rough in

Imagine a stylish electric fireplace below your flatscreen  TV or artwork, providing a welcoming feel to your living room or basement

Handyman fireplace installation

Installing ledgestone on cement board

Electric fireplace installation calgary

Work done with TV installed  above!

 Fireplaces increases the value of your home 

How does it work?

The home owner purchases an electric fireplace insert and finishing of their choosing

The recessed electric fireplace insert MUST HAVE VENTS ON THE FRONT 

The finishing  can be tiles, bricks, stone, ledgestone, wood, etc. - or even just drywall

We take care if the rest! 

No need to hire other trades!!

Electric  fireplace installation is a great addition to your home, custom fireplace build with your preferred finishing material

Our work includes:

If you also want your TV installed above the electric fireplace, we can:

Types  of electric fireplaces

 Inserts/flash mount /recessed

1) Electric fireplace ( inserts/flash mount /reccess) heat vents on the front - 

this i s the type you need!!!

2) Wall-mount electric fireplaces (usually vents on top) - this is NOT going to work!