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Viewing distance

The ideal viewing distance for a TV depends on the screen size and the resolution of the TV. A general rule of thumb is that the viewing distance should be about 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen size of the TV.

ⓘ Screen size and viewing distance

32 inch TV: from 4.0 to 6.7 feet 

■ 40 inch TV: from 5.0 to 8.3 feet 

■ 43 inch TV: from 5.4 to 9.0 feet)

■ 50 inch TV: from 6.3 to 10.4 feet 

■ 55 inch TV: from 6.9 to 11.5 feet 

■ 60 inch TV: from 7.5 to 12.5 feet 

■ 65 inch TV: from 8.1 to 13.5 feet 

■ 70 inch TV: from 8.8 to 14.7 feet 

■ 75 inch TV: from 9.4 to 15.6 feet 

■ 80 inch TV: from 10.0 to 16.7 feet 

I have my own TV mount

No problem. We can also install your own TV mount, as long as your mount fits the wall stud distances. E.g. some walls are 16" - 24" - 32" apart. But don't worry - if your mount doesn't end up fitting, we carry all models shown on our website.

Why mounting your TV is worth it

There are lots of benefits of having your TV mounted on the wall versus sitting on a stand. 


Having your TV mounted on the wall is a safer alternative to using a TV stand. A professional wall mount installation eliminates the danger of your TV tipping over, giving you peace of mind and keeping your children and pets safe.

More floor space and a stylish look

Wall mounting your TV is generally the best option for small rooms, such as in small apartments, condos, and houses. While TV stands, media cabinets, and entertainment centres take up a significant amount of floor space, mounting your TV on the wall clears your floor space and eliminates clutter. It will also give your room a more modern, stylish look.

Best viewing angle

It is important to consider the resolution of the TV. If you have a 4K TV, you can sit closer to the screen without seeing pixelation or blurriness, so you can use the shorter end of the distance range. However, if you have an older, standard definition TV, you may need to sit further away to avoid seeing individual pixels or lines. 

Also, if your TV is close to a window or exposed to other lights, it is important to choose the right wall mount - one that can move right or left and/or tilt up or down to reduce reflections and glare from the window.

Ultimately, the best viewing distance will depend on your personal preferences and the layout of your room. It is important to experiment with different distances to find the one that works best for you.