Commercial installations

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① Installation service

Commercial office space, business, bars, restaurants, medical office TV Installations. Lounge, meeting-room, boardroom, conference room

Installations on metal studs

Installation service $150 +GST

"Commercial buildings, the wall structure is usually made of metal or steel studs."

A skilled installer will secure your TV mount to the wall with special heavy-duty snap toggle bolts (far better than wing anchors, toggle bolts, or metal screws).

Top line tools

Laser level TV installations

360⁰ Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment-Line Laser, ideal for boardrooms

Inspection camera available

Heavy duty anchors

Load guidelines

4 anchors per installation (load support 425 lbs per anchor)

Bars & restaurants

Office space, boardrooms

TV Installation, audio video installation, white board, smart board, TV projector, we can help with your video presentations, videoconferencing, digital projectors, screens and more

Standard TV mounts

Full motion



In-line TV mounts

(with fine adjustments)

Cable management service

Pictures - commercial buildings only