High-rise buildings, condos, apartments

4 checks for a stylish look

Installation service

TV mount

Power outlet

Wire concealing

① Installation service

Installations on metal studs

Installation $150 +GST

TV mounts

We carry assorted mounts for all TV sizes

Full motion



We can also install your own TV mount

Power outlet behind TV

Metallic - Jacket

Up to code

Add a power outlet behind your TV

Serviced by certified Journeyman Electrician

Power outlet immediately below the TV $250*

*Add $40 for every stud over

Installations up to code

Power outlet -120 Volts AC

Wire concealing





Cable management

Hide all your Audio / video cables

HDMI, coaxial, internet CAT 5E, optical cables

Inside and on the wall options

Starting at $60 for drywall walls

*Add $40 for every stud over

Conduit retrofit available

Wall covers

Inside the wall

2 recessed covers for A/V cables

On the wall

One strip for A/V and power cables

How to hide all cables

Scan the wall and find studs

TV mount installed with a laser level

Cutting drywall

Power outlet and cables concealed

Sound bar

Ready for better sound

Connect your TV audio to external speakers

Sound bar above or below TV

Installation service $60

Mounting bracket $40

Sound bar gallery