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TV installation - Power outlet - Cable management - Soundbars

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β‘  TV installation

$100 + GST

Houses, town houses, duplexes, and low-rise condos

Installations on drywall with wooden studs

"If you live in a house, town house, duplex, or low rise condo, the wall structure is usually made of wood."

Our installations are directly on the wooden studs. We will locate the studs and use the lag bolts provided with the TV mount to secure your TV to the wall

Install your TV mount - any size TV

Laser level installations

Best tools available

Laser level TV installations

Inspection camera available

β‘‘ TV mounts (brackets)

We carry assorted sizes

β‘’ Power outlet behind TV

$200* + GST

Serviced by Certified Journeyman Electrician

Power outlet - 120 Volts AC

Wooden structures

Non-Metallic Jacket

Starting at $200* + GST

Power outlet on drywall immediately below the TV(in straight line)

*Add $40 for every stud over

Do you know?

It is against Canadian Electrical Code to run power cords inside walls.❗

"Flexible cord and cord sets shall not be used as substitute for the fixed wiring of structures and shall not be (ii) run through holes in walls, ceilings or floors"

Examples of what NOT to do

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Click below to see Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) page


β‘£ Cable management

$60* + GST

HDMI - Optical cables - COAX - Speaker cables - Ethernet (CAT 5 / CAT 6)

Prices are for wall covers immediately below the TV

(in straight line)

*Add $40 for every stud over

*longer cables lengths may be needed

Inside the wall

2 round wall covers for A/V cables

Inside the wall

2 recessed covers for A/V cables

On the wall

One strip for A/V and power cables


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Quick estimate


β‘€ Sound bar installation

$60 + GST

Sound bar on wall installation

Sound bar on wall $60

Includes: All hardware, setup and installation

Sound bar above or below TV installation

Sound bar above or below TV $60

Includes: mounting bracket, setup and installation

β‘₯ Pictures on drywall walls only

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