Residential and commercial ethernet Network

Data cabling and wiring - network installation, servicing Calgary

We specialize in finished home retrofits. 

Cat5e - Cat6 - Cat6a - Cat7 ethernet cable installers for your office or home network 

We use only certified solid / bare copper ethernet cables for all installations

Quality Ethernet cables

Look for these certifications

(CSA) Canadian Standards Association

(UL) Underwriters Laboratories

(ETL) Electrical Testing Labs

Ethernet cables on the market

Difference of copper clad aluminum and solid copper wire

 Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) - has higher attenuation than pure copper cables. CCA cables result in more loss of data (data have to be re-transmitted). The longer the CCA cable, the lower the performance. CCA cables also have 55% higher DC resistance, which increases the amount of energy transferred into heat and reduces the amount of power that can be transferred.

CCA cables are not recommended for Power over Ethernet (PoE). Due to the lower tensile strength, CCA cables can be damaged when pulled; single conductors can also break, making the cables useless. For more information, Google "copper clad aluminum").

Cable testing and mapping service

Voice, data and video cable testing to make sure the individual wires within the cable are properly connected

Detection of shorts, reversals, splits, open wire, crossovers, and miswires

Measurement of network cable length

Cable mapping tests to locate and identify cables

Labelling all cables at both ends 

Cable testing (4 pairs) and ID mapping of up to 12 cables at the same time

Professional data network wiring services for your home or office

Patch panel installation services

Patch panels are the centre of the cabling network (where all the network cables from different rooms meet to be terminated

With our tools, we can identify each cable and terminate it with a modular plug connector, keystone jack, patch panel, Ethernet switch, and/or wall plate in every room

Punch down patch panels

Network cables are terminated behind panel; front of panel has Ethernet ports for connectivity

Traditional patch panels are punch down

Problematic for servicing (fixing, removing, or adding cables)

Feedthrough patch panels

Network cables are terminated in RJ45 jack and connected to a female-to-female keystone module

Provides physical separation that reduces signal interference

Tidier and  color coded to improve cable management efficiency

Suitable for high-density network systems

If you move, you can take all your equipment and leave behind the terminated cable ends for the new owner

Transmission rate and maximum length 

Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7A

For household usage (Cat6 or Cat5e would be enough in general purpose)

Cat5e is up to 1 Gbps for 100Mhz with 100 metre maximum length

Cat6 is up to 1 Gbps for 250Mhz with 100 metre maximum length (10Gbps, maximum 55 metres)

Cat6a is up to 10 Gbps for 500Mhz with 100 metre maximum length

Cat7 cable has a transmission frequency of at least 600 MHz (without a repeater, maximum length is 100 metres)


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